Your Ultimate Focus in Life Is to Find Meaning

Our sense of meaning grounds us to believe that what we do and who we are matters.

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Holocaust survivor Victor Frankl believed that the ultimate purpose of life is to find its meaning. This is what sustained him and the other survivors all those decades ago in Auschwitz.

In his famous book, he told the tale of how they found meaning by seeking little minutes of joy despite the most horrid of circumstances.

Ancient Greek philosophers have also espoused this concept when Socrates concluded that life is only worth living when you thoroughly examine it.

I have always struggled to find meaning for the most part of my life.

And when you are uncertain and lost like me, it is easy to be swayed by what others have to say that you eventually find yourself living mechanically according to their expectations.

They may have kept me alive but I also realized that I was barely even living.

Because of this, I was unable to cultivate a deep sense of well-being that I became wildly depressed and unhappy.

This is because nobody else can determine the meaning of your life except yourself.

However, when you find it, a growing body of research has proven that all aspects of your life will benefit greatly from positive outcomes.

The Power of Meaning

A study on older adults concluded that finding meaning in life is, in many ways, essential to our survival.

Psychologist and lead author, Andrew Steptoe found positive associations in all areas of life, not only in health but also social functions, psychological and emotional experiences, and economic prosperity.

In the study, they found that older people generally attach the most meaning to their social lives and personal relationships.

This is because they were enriched by the mere act of contact with friends or family, and even in civic engagement.

On the other hand, older people who were more likely engaged in passive activities like watching television or staying indoors tend to withdraw much from…



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