Why We Test Our Romantic Partners and How to Overcome It

Testing is a roundabout way of asking for what you need without really being in touch with it.

Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

A Disaster Waiting to Happen

It is common for partners to test each other. A poll confirmed that 3 out of 5 women test their significant others to see if the relationship will last. However, many partners flunk the test without knowing it was given. The results showed 46 percent of men fail the majority of it.

Stop Testing, Start Asking

Being healthy requires being uncomfortable.

According to therapist Kelley Kitley, “Relationships need to be built on trust, not ultimatums. We want our partner to read our minds and go to any length for us which is unrealistic and based on a fairytale. Taking an open, honest approach is the best bet.”

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