I Ignored the Importance of Meaningful Travel and Regret It

How to find meaning and purpose in traveling.

Photo by JK on Unsplash
Photo by JK on Unsplash
Photo by JK on Unsplash

How often are we told to travel because it will change our lives?

Nowadays, travel content is so easily accessible. YouTube and Instagram have become the biggest platforms for travelers to share their experiences. Social media has successfully propagated the idea that traveling leads to significant life-changes.

The Intention: Escaping the mundane

“You can’t escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”

— Abraham Lincoln

For most people, travel is a positive means of escape. It is natural to want a break from routine, from work, from responsibilities, and the people who drive you crazy daily.

Photo by Angel Santos on Unsplash
Photo by Angel Santos on Unsplash
Photo by Angel Santos on Unsplash

The Execution: Failing to seek discomfort

“Whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity for growth.”

— Bryant McGill

They always say that good things happen outside of your comfort zone. Traveling, most especially, requires you to step out of it. So far, I have traveled to five different countries, and every time, I chose to stay in high-rise condominiums and penthouses. The most uncomfortable I have ever been in was sleeping in a capsule hotel because I had to deal with other people snoring. Although considering that it was one of the most lavish yet affordable hotels in Tokyo, I now know that my perceptions were shallow. Furthermore, I remember a few months back that my girlfriend would always remind me that I have not truly experienced the Philippines as I lived in the capital’s most affluent neighborhood.

The Takeaway: Make travel more fulfilling

“We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.”

— Hilaire Belloc

Essentially, traveling does not magically solve all our problems, but it could be a stepping stone to elevate our lives. Knowing what I know now, here are the few things I will do differently.

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