Dude, I read your article. I get where you are coming from but your way off base man. So now, Artist who wish to use the N word in their music should fear censorship? You need to understand the history of Rap & Hiphop to know that the N word is in fact cultural in music.

This felt pandering, and I’ve actually read a few of your other works that are excellent. You didn’t even entertain the idea of having a censored version of the song available that would appeal to your needs. Instead your goal is to essentially cripple the artist who make this type of music.

You even made a comparison using the term regarding Hispanics as though all words/terms are created equal. Let’s simply ignore history, growth, and culture.

I find the irony here so frustrating. In order to “Help” the community let us strip them of their culture in music because I feel uncomfortable. Let us censor these artist who forge their work from their emotion.

I actually enjoy some of your articles man. I hope to see better.

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