4 Helpful Ways to Reflect and Conquer Your Negative Habits

Quitting bad habits have nothing to do with self-control or willpower, according to neuroscience.

The Truth About Bad Habits

Bad habits may seem like they’re hard to break. And sometimes, it’s unnerving to know that you do them almost mechanically.

Concrete and Doable Behaviors

Trying to eat more healthy or treating your parents better may sound great but they leave more space for interpretation, and little to grasp onto. When it comes to forming a bond with your manager, you must drill down and think in terms of specific, doable, and actionable behaviors.

Identifying and Dealing With Triggers

Identifying your triggers have everything to do with figuring out what your exile is so afraid of. This involves having an honest talk with yourself.

Practice Substitution

Of course, things are always easier said than done. Remember, your firefighters can easily break through the windows at any sign of trouble. One wrong move, and you’ll go back to delaying your work by watching YouTube cat videos.

Embrace Progress by Rewarding Yourself

There will come a low point in the process that you will feel discouraged because you are struggling. After a while, your exile has new fears, your manager is still overprotective, and you have your firefighters on standby.

To Sum Up

The idea that there are no bad habits, only different selves with different goals, may seem too revolutionary for you. After all, extensive studies done on habits point to the need to exert more self-control and willpower on your part.

Loving yourself really means loving each of your parts. Befriending yourself means developing a relationship with each of your parts and having them trust you.

Writing about life and how to it get better at it. We cover topics like Psychology, Mental Health, and Relationships. Contact@JaleelWallace.com

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